Put yourself in go mode

Giving it everything

Giving it everything

Never back down, never show signs of weakness and always be ready to push your body to its absolute limits. The key to true success when trying to accomplish any goal or task, is to completely and wholeheartedly go after it. For this reason you must always be in go mode at any bootcamp.

Want to lose weight? Want to learn a skill? Have a problem child who needs some attention, or simply want to send your child away for the summer to enjoy all the fun activities a boot camp can offer? There are bootcamps specifically designed to allow you to learn, loose or change just about anything in your life. Whether you live in California and are looking for Boot camps, or if you are looking for Texas boot camps, you will see that most if not all, are dedicated to making you successful.

Whats the purpose of attending a bootcamp as apposed to trying to tackle one of the before mentioned tasks? Bootcamps are designed to isolate you for a particular amount of time from the outside world and all its worries. Often time when people set out on a mission to accomplish a difficult task, it is easy to forget you schedule or just give up when things get tough. Not a boot camp. Boot camps focus on your goal at hand and have a hired team of professionals to make sure that you do your absolute best to achieve that goal. Whether you reach that goal or not, is totally up to you.

Losing Weight

Losing weight on your own can prove to be a tough task in itself, but with a little professional help, and the ability to make friends who are struggling in the sames ways as you, can be inspiring and motivating. Daily weigh ins and healthy breakfast, lunches and dinners is what you can expect. Keeping clear of Junk food and fast food such as pizza, bugers, fried chicken wings (nutritional value available here: www.wingsnmorewings.com, ice cream and other deserts.

A daily workout routine will be put in place for you and you will be pushed to your limits to stick to it. From cardio and weight lifting, to stretching and core strength building. Joining a weight loss boot camp is a great way to get in shape, and learn how to stay in shape once you achieve your weight loss goal.

Learn a Skill

Many boot camps will teach you that you can accomplish anything when you put your mind over matter. This is usually true with enough practice and a good teacher. Skill training boot camps that focus on a specific skill can teach you one of many hobby skills you might like to leran. From Archery and skiing to sewing and mixed martial arts. Once again, a boot camp will isolate you for a given period of time allowing you to focus only on your chosen skill. Much like that of a trade school, only not quite as serious.

Problem Child

Have a child who is having problems coping with the everyday problems that life may be throwing their way? A military style boot camp may be just the answer you are looking for. With trained professional counselors with military type discipline, your child will learn manners and skills that will last them a life time. If you feel your child may be on the road to crime, and problems later on in life. Why not take the initiative and enroll them in a military style boot camp before the authorities do it for you. It is never to soon or too late to send your child to get help.

Camp for Fun

This style of camp is no doubt the best way to camp for young and old alike, however you may find it difficult to locate a fun filled summer camp for adults. Send you child off to have the time of their young lives. Summer camps are filled with just about any and every activity a young child could hope for. From sports and crafts to skiing, swimming, games and more. They will make friendships to last a life time and will want to keep going back, year after year. Most camps do enroll during summer months, so make sure to get your child enrolled early, as most camps limit out.

These are just a few of the tasks you may hope to acomplish at any given boot camp. Each state will have a list of camps and some states will obviously have large amounts of boot camps and summer camps, while others will lack. Remember that you must attack your goals whole heartidly if you really want to succeed. Many people frown at the fact that by enrolling in a boot camp means that they need help. Admitting that you need help is really the first stepping to really changing your life for the better. Dont wait til its too late, you can accomplish anything when your put yourself in go mode and put mind over matter.

H Pylori Infections and the Development of Stomach Cancer

Gastric (stomach) cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the world. Most cancers of the stomach arise in the antrum, which is the lower third of the stomach, near the duodenum. There are different kinds of stomach cancers, depending on the type of cells from which the cancer arises. Cancers that form in the stomach’s secretory glands are called adenocarcinomas; these are the most common form, accounting for more than 90 percent of all stomach cancers. Adenocarcinoma of the stomach is strongly associated with H. pylori infection. Recent studies of patients with stomach cancer have revealed that over 90 percent of people who develop adenocarcinoma of the stomach have H. pylori infections. So, what is it about H. pylori that predispose certain people to develop cancer? A recent theory on the development of stomach cancer revolves around the interaction between the H. pylori organism itself and the infected person’s own immune response.

The role of H. pylori in the development of stomach cancer fits the multi-stage theory of carcinogenesis very well. There are two important factors in the formation of gastric cancer, and it is likely that they act in a cooperative manner to produce the cancerous changes. First, the host’s own immune system, which releases bacteria killing products as it battles infection, causes damage to the DNA of the stomach lining’s cells (initiation). Second, the bacterium itself and the products that it makes may directly injure or kill
the cells lining the stomach, leading to an increased turnover rate of cells in the tissue (promotion), a decreased rate of cell death, and a change in gene expression that leads to a shift away from normal stomach cell functioning.

The strain of H. pylori to which a person is exposed may influence the risk of developing gastric cancer. Strains of H. pylori that produce high levels of two proteins, vacuolating toxin A and the cytotoxin-associated gene, appear to cause greater tissue damage than those that produce lower levels, or that lack those genes completely. These proteins are directly toxic to cells lining the stomach, and signal strongly to the immune system that an invasion is underway. As a result of the bacterial presence, neutrophils and macrophages set up residence in the tissue to fight the bacteria assault.

Macrophages and neutrophils produce a number of substances that are destructive to neighboring cells, and that may in fact lead to mutations in the DNA of tissue cells. One of these substances is nitric oxide (NO), an antibacterial product that is made by neutrophils and dumped into the surrounding area to cleanse the region of invading microbes. NO, however, is a powerful oxidizing agent (similar to hydrogen peroxide); the activity of these strong oxidants causes small breaks in the DNA of the cells immediately surrounding the neutrophil. These breaks can lead to a loss of genes (such as tumor suppressors), a rearrangement of genes, or to other genetic mutations that change how the protein functions (including, for example, permanent activation of oncogenes, which promote cell growth, or inactivation of genes that stop cell growth). Indeed, a number of gastric cancers have been observed to cause a loss of the tumor suppressor function, an activation of oncogenes, and changes in many other genes that regulate the rate of cell growth and apoptosis. These changes in DNA and gene expression are also reflected in the re-organization of cells in the tissues.

Eventually, the dysplastic tissue may become cancerous, or malignant. Malignant cells may then gain the ability to move out of their immediate vicinity to more distant sites. They do this by entering the circulatory or lymph systems, by which they are carried to other organs, such as the liver or pancreas. This process is known as metastasis. There, the cells form metastatic colonies that hijack the function of the organ to which they have spread. So, for example, if the gastric adenocarcinoma metastasizes to the liver, cancer cells replace normal liver cells in the region of the liver where the cancer is growing.

That area then ceases to function like liver tissue, and begins to function like the cancer tissue that has replaced it. This is a very serious stage in the life cycle of the disease, a stage at which medical treatment becomes more difficult. As with most cancers, early intervention improves the outcome. Early diagnosis and medical treatment are very important in helping a person to recover from gastric cancer.

Real Feed Back

We just wanted to post up an article review that we here at MMKamps recently received from a very happy and safisfied mother of one of our recent students. Hope you enjoy the article:

This summer I sent my 16 year old son away for the first time to boot camp. He has been begging me to let him branch out on his own to try new things- he and some of his closest friends decided that they were interested in attending a boot camp. The other parents and I came together and decided that a little more structure in their lives may be great for them before they started their junior year in high school and football. We found a great camp called MMKamp, aka Mind over Matter Kamps.

One of the MMKamps branches is located close to our home about 50 miles away, so we knew that if he ever needed anything that we would be there to give him what he needed, but when we arrived the first day of camp it was apparent that he wouldn’t be calling needing something for the full 6 weeks. The camp and cottages were amazing. They had them built out like little apartments; each cottage slept about 12 young men comfortably with bunk beds in each of the 3 bed rooms. Each of the bedrooms had joining full bathrooms that were equipped with a shower, toilet, and sink with laminate countertops.

They were very clean and in the center of the rooms there was a central living space with a kitchen connected to the living room. In the kitchen they had recently updated the cooking surfaces and counter tops. The counters were faced with smooth laminate great for cutting vegetables or placing hot pans. Our sons were able to prepare dinner and lunches on their time off from the many activities offered on the compound.

In the morning they were up at 6:30 am and were able to fix a healthy breakfast and meet for class at 7 that was very close to the cottages. In class they were able to pick the activities for the day that range from working out, to skiing on the lake, to arts and crafts. Each of the activities was designed to give the boys productive activities other then video games to fill their summer vacation. They also taught them discipline having to go to bed at a certain time so that they would be able to wake up for the morning activities planned for later in the day.

MMKamp has a number of sessions available ranging from military style boot camp, overweight boot camp, and the one our boys attended a youth encouragement boot camp.  Overall the other parents and I were really impressed with the cleanliness and upgraded cottages and activities offered to our young men. Each of the boys came back refreshed, encouraged, active, and eager to start the new school.

We encourage anyone who may have attended our kamps in recent months or years to send us your personal review of the time you spent here with us. Good or bad we want to hear it all! Hope to hear from some more of you soon.

-MMKamps Staff